Gottesdienst "repariert"! Neues Video ist online!

17 Sep 2023

Ja, Ihr Lieben, dass war schade heute morgen. Fast durchweg Tonausfall während des Livestreams. Das tut uns leid. Aber wir haben keien Mühen gescheut und Thomas hat seine Texte einfach neu aufgenommen und diese mit dem Rest des Gottesdienstes zu einem neuen Video zusammengeschnitten.

Also, wer den Gottesdienst von heute morgen nochmal ansehen und diesmal auch hören will, gelangt durch diesen NEUEN Link zum Video auf YouTube:

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Linked by Light - Remembrance Service

08 Nov 2020

The Joint Remembrance Service with St Andrew’s & St George’s West is now online available on YouTube:

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Church during the Corona virus epidemic

18 Mar 2020

German Speaking Congregation is going viral ;-)

Although we suspended all services and events, we do not shut down as a church, i-e a community! We just have to do our congregational work in a different way!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, by phone, by text our by Email! In case you need help, or just wanna talk!

As a new feature within on Social Media we introduce our new YouTube-Channel!
Hier wollen Verena und ich Gottesdienst-Videos einstellen. Have a look!

For those who prefer to read, our newsletter will now arrive weekly, containing the weekly sermon!

Yours in Christ!
Verena & Thomas

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European Evening in Marchmont, Europe!

12 Feb 2020


Bored of being sad about Brexit? Looking for positive vibes? Why not celebrating the cultural diversity we already have in our neighbourhood and with friends we have?

Lets meet for an informal international gathering on March, the 3rd at the German Church!

This could involve some serious discussion about identity and diversity in general or about „European identity“ in particular.

But this should definitely involve some food and drinks from different countries as a bring and share event.

This will take place in Marchmont, Europe, but it’s of course open to everyone! Marchmont locals and others, Europeans and others.

More info in our Facebook group: Marchmont, Europe or follow us on Twitter.

If you want to participate, please let us know! or

New Synod Concept

26 May 2018

At their meeting from 20.-22. In April 2018 in London, the synod of the German-speaking congregations in Britain adopted its “Synod Concept 2025 – Damit aus Fremden Freunde werden…”

You can find this (in German) online on the synod’s website.


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18 Sep 2017

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