Clyde Arc


Hyndland Parish Church
Russell House
81 Hyndland Road
Glasgow G12 9JE

charity registration no SC 014274

German-speaking Congregation in Glasgow

German services have been taking place in Glasgow since 1952.

Services in Glasgow

Sunday 1 July 15:00
Sunday 15 July 15:00
NO Service!
Sunday 5 August 15:00
Service with communion
Sunday 19 August 15:00
Sunday 16 September 15:00
Sunday 7 October 15:00
Harvest Service (with communion)

Services in 2018 will take place on the first and third Sunday of the month at 3pm at Russell House of Hyndland Parish Church.
Social gathering after each service.

Events in Glasgow

Tuesday 11 September 14:00
Discussion Circle at Family Weaver
Tuesday 18 September 19:00
Treffpunkt at Russell House

For more information please contact Mrs Marlies Erskine on 0141 8899 045 or marlies_erskine(at) (please use @ instead of at)

News from Glasgow

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